Monday, January 21, 2013

Math Challenge #3

1. I am glad the snail was able to get out of the well, but this time a caterpillar fell down a bigger well. The caterpillar can travel three feet a day before he goes to bed. When he goes to bed he slides down one foot. The well is 12 feet tall. How many days will it take him to get out of the well?

2. The Big Dipper wants to make a profit on their hamburgers. A pound of ground beef costs $5. They can make five hamburgers per pound. They charge $2 per hamburger. How many hamburgers will they have to sell to make a $20 dollar profit. Remember you have to factor in what ground beef costs to help you solve this profit problem?

3. James has $6 and Cameron has $5. Melony has 7 times has much as the boys have combined. How much money does Melony have? How much do they have altogether? How much money do they need to reach $100?

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