Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010



First Grade News
For the week of February 22, 2010
Important Information and Dates:

• These students had the most AR points last week: Trey Hinton (2.5), Aliyah Leech (1.5) and Cheyenne Fox (1.4).

• We will review these 5 words this week: enough, thank, done, laugh and their.

• Speaking of word folders we have several nearing the end of the word folders. This Friday will be the last day to qualify for the Limo ride to McDonald’s.

• Conferences will end this week. Please make sure you attend.

• Homework this week:

Blue Book BIG Book- Big Team Relay Race on Monday and Tuesday. Mary Mack on Wednesday and Thursday.
Yellow group- Decodable books all week
Red Group-Read the story Big News from Readers Theatre.

Sight words every night, math sheet on Tuesday and Thursday

Quote of the week: Being a working parent isn’t easy. You give parents (and yourself, if you’re a parent) permission to grieve the separations and celebrate work well done.

Thank you,
Your First Grade Teachers

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


First Grade News
For the week of February 17, 2010
Important Information and Dates:

• We would like to thank all parents and guardians who came to Parent Teacher Conferences. We are still having make-up conferences due to all of the snow. Check inside your child’s red folder for your new conference sheet.

• These students have the most AR points since January 4th: Trey Hinton (12.1), Blake Stracener (8.1) and Nathanael Turner (7.4).

• The cutoff date for the limo ride to McDonald’s will now be next Friday.

• We will review these 5 words this week: great, down, new, thing and get.

• Please turn in any fundraiser forms as soon as possible.

• Homework this week:

• Blue group-Read Jafta tonight and Thursday.

• Yellow group-continue to read the decodable books every night.

• Red group-Will work on Big News from Readers Theatre. Please make sure you and your child practice this paper every night. This is the only way your child’s fluency will improve. Have fun reading the paper in different voices. This week practice a reporter’s voice.
• Sight words every night, math sheet on Thursday

• Quote of the week: Never give up on a child.

Thank you,
Your First Grade Teachers

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What to do on a Snow Day!

Parents you are probably just as sick of snow days as I am. To keep your child's mind sharp and to combat boredom you might want to try some of these ideas. The best thing you and your child can do together is read. Ask your child about his or her favorite parts of the book. Ask your child what he or she would have done differently if he or she were the main character. Turn off the television and get out some more board games. If you live close to the library and your streets are not that bad go and visit the children's area upstairs at the library. Have your child keep a journal of what he or she did over the snow days. Visit some of the websites I have provided on the left side of the page. If all else fails go build another snowman!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome Back from the Snow

Parents I hope you and your child enjoyed the snow days. Please remember we are off tomorrow and Monday. Check your child's backpack for information about make-up conference times.

Monday, February 8, 2010

First Grade Newsletter 2-8-10

• Parent Teacher conferences are this week. If we get snow tonight and are out of school tomorrow we will send a note home about rescheduling your conference.
• We will have a Valentine’s party on Thursday. If you would like to bring in treats or drinks for the party we would greatly appreciate it. There are 23 children in each class. Just have your child fill in their name on the from part and leave the to who part blank.
• Fundraisers need to be turned in this week.
• There will be no school on this Friday or next Monday.
• Parents please make sure your child is reading his or her word list to you every night. We would like to see every child finish with the word folder by the end of the year.
• The cut off to be eligible to ride in the Limo to McDonald’s will be February 19th.
• AR points will be tallied and listed in next week’s newsletter.
• We will review these 5 words this week: again, very, bring, been and knew.

• Homework this week:

• Blue group will read A Game called Piggle and Jafta this week.

• Yellow group will continue to read their decodable books.

• Red group will read The Baby Tigerall week.

• Sight words every night, math sheet on Tuesday and Thursday

Quote of the week: You know that it’s important to let children express their point of view and sometimes the discussions make you laugh, even if they get a little loud.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Charlotte's Web at The RiverPark

Today the first graders were treated to a delightful play at the RiverPark. We went to see Charlotte's Web. Here is what a few students in my class had to say:

Kevin said,"I loved when Wilbur ran back and forth."

Gabriel said,"My favorite was Mr. Zuckerman."

Aaliyah said," My favorite part was when Charlotte had her kids."

Cheyenne said,"My favorite part was when Charlotte wrote in her webs."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb. 1st Newsletter

• Tomorrow night is the night for your child’s PTO performance. Your child will need to be here around 5:45. The program will start right at 6:00. The book fair will be open before and after the program.
• Book Fair started last Friday and will go until this Friday.
• We are having a contest to see what classroom collects the most money during our fundraiser. This year the classroom gets to keep the profit from the sales to spend in their classroom. The more you sale the more money for your child’s classroom.
• Parents we will send home Parent Teacher conference sign up sheets this week.
• We will work on these 5 words this week: those, kind, some, good and come.
• Homework this week: Decodable book all week for yellow group. Blue group will get their hardback books on Wednesday. Red group will read Friends all week.
• Sight words every night, math sheet on Tuesday and Thursday
• Quote of the week: You give kids a lifelong survival skill when you teach them how to have fun and banish their worries with play.