Sunday, January 6, 2013

Friendly Math Competetion

I am sending out some problems to my two favorite schools-Estes and Cravens!  I would like to see both of the schools in the top 5 of the state.  How are we going to do this? I will tell you how and that is by challenging you both with some questions. I want to see what students in third and fourth grade can solve these problems.  Are you up for the challenge? I hope so!

 As you know some bottles hold 1 liter. 1 liter (1 L) is equal to 1,000 milliliters (ml).

1.      Billy drank 5 liters of soda one week. Susan drank 4 liters of soda the same week. What is the total number of milliliters they drank?

2.      How many more milliliters would they have had to drink to reach 15,000 milliliters?

3.      Tommy could only drink half of his 1 liter bottle. How many milliliters were left in the bottle?

4.      Later that day Tommy started drinking what was left in his bottle. He could only finish half of what was left. How many milliliters are left now?

5.      Rick had a party and gave everyone a one liter bottle of Gatorade. When the party was over there were 8 bottles that were half full. How many milliliters were left to drink? 

6.      How many liters does that equal?

7.      How many milliliters would be left in the bottle if I drank 1/4 of the bottle?

8.      If I had 4 bottles of soda and all of them had ¾ of the soda missing, how many milliliters would I have?

9.      After the game at the high school the equipment manager picked up the one liter sports bottles. 6 of the bottles were half full and 6 of the bottles were a ¼ full. How many milliliters were left in the bottles? How many liters would that make?

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