Sunday, January 13, 2013

Math Challenge #2

Are you ready for math challenge number 2?

1. One day a snail fell into a well and he was determined to get back to his family. The well was 10 feet tall. Every morning he would climb 2 feet, but a night he would slide back one foot. How many days did he take for him to reach the top of the well?

2. Ellis Park is getting ready for the new horse racing season. They are looking to build some new stables. Each new stable can hold 9 horses. It looks like there will be 270 horses at the park. How many stables will they need to build?

3. Ellis Park is also revamping their food selections with higher price hot dogs. They want to make a profit so we need to calculate this right the first time. They can buy a package of good quality hot dogs for $10.00. Each package holds 5 hot dogs. If the park wants to make a $10 profit from each package, how much will they have to charge for each hot dog? Remember to make a profit you have to consider how much you paid for the product.

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