Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov. 29th Newsletter

Important Information:
We hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.
Our first story night will be on Dec. 14th at 5:00. We hope to see everyone there because your child has been working really hard on writing their persuasive letter to Santa. Family ornament night will follow at 5:30.
Math multiplication: Your child should be studying one new row a week. Please continue to study the previous week’s row too. We will continue to take a multiplication test each Friday. We cannot stress how important is for your child to memorize these facts. We are also starting money and time.
Science: vertebrates and invertebrates
Social studies –early community settlements
Language Arts: writing a letter to Santa-which your child will read to you on short story night.
Spelling test -every Friday. Play spelling games at can be found on our blog.
Vocabulary: The rap- Candy- test on Friday
***Please make sure to sign your child’s agenda every night.
*Reading – 15 minutes a night.

Garret and Cory

Go over to where it says Third and First grade movies and click on Garrett and Cory. They have completed an xtranormal movie on the website

Monday, November 22, 2010

Special Announcement!!!!!
Please Read

Dear Parents,
I have very good news to share with you. Now that I am in third grade I have been asked by several parents if I am going to continue the story nights I started in first grade. I am excited and thrilled to say that the story nights will definitely happen this year.
Our first story night will be December 14th at 5:00. To make this an easy transition for both the students and myself we are going to be reading letters to Santa. If you can remember these are no ordinary letters. These letters will contain information about why Santa crashed his sleigh and what his new sleigh will look like.
Also, your child and you will be treated to hot chocolate and a story from Mr. Williams. The new sleigh will be on display for picture opportunities. The fun doesn’t stop there because you will then be able to take part in the school wide ornament decorating night. Information about the school wide decorating night will come as soon as I have it.
In conclusion, I hope to see everyone at our first story night on December 14th at 5:00.

Mr. Williams

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shawn's Thoughts about chapter 1

Today Shawn will give a quick summary about chapter one in The Mouse and the Motorcycle.
Chapter one was about new guests at the Mountain View Inn and Ralph a mouse who is adventurist. I think I will like the story because it has action and motorcycles.

Monday, November 15, 2010

News for the Week

The 3rd Grade News Nov.15th
Important Information:
Today we had our first field trip to the RiverPark. Ask your child about the play we saw.
Thank you for your help with your child’s Veteran’s posters. They posters looked great and the Veteran’s loved them.
If your child was here in first grade then you know about Mr. Williams and his story and writing nights. Mr. Williams is bringing back “Santa’s New Sleigh” stay tuned for a date and location.
Please turn in any fundraiser money or picture money.
Please turn in any reservations for Thanksgiving lunch as soon as possible.
Math multiplication: Your child has a list stabled in their red folder. Study one row a week. Our blog has videos on multiplying by 2 and 5.
Science: Classification of mammals and insects
Social studies –Native Americans
Language Arts: Capitalization and Punctuation
Spelling test -every Friday. Play spelling games at can be found on our blog.
Vocabulary: The rap- Sticks and Stones- test on Friday
***Please make sure to sign your child’s agenda every night.
*Reading – 15 minutes a night.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New site with fun games

Check out the new site under our games links.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Coming Soon

Mr. Williams reading class is in the process of creating digital cartoons about the books we are reading. I am hoping we will have the cartoons finished by the end of next week.

Stay Tuned for further announcements.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If I could shrink

Today Ethan will be talking about shrinking as small as Ralph in The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

If I could shrink to Ralph's level I would play with toy cars because instead of walking I could drive everywhere.I would find a doll house, so I could hide from cats that think I am a mouse.