Monday, September 17, 2012

What's Going on in Math

Parents you might have heard your child talking about how math is different this year.  Well, your child is right because math looks totally different than it did in the past.  This year in math we are teaching so that your child truly understands math and doesn't just do math.  Remember learning your multiplication facts in school and how you had to memorize them.  This year your child is going to understand what multiplication is and how to figure the answer instead of just memorizing a fact. 
Please feel free to stop in and see what is going on with math.  You might just see a new way of learning that might just blow your mind.

Building a Homemade Flashlight

Monday, September 10, 2012

Building a Closed Circuit

News for the Week

Important Information:

 This week the Superstar Students of the week are Michael Solis and Dionte Brown.

 Third and Fourth grade music program will be on Thursday night, Sept. 27th, at 6:00 p.m. Come hear some of our favorite songs, such as “Magic”, “Fireflies”, and “Dynamite.”

 The Cravens Media Center will host its first scholastic book fair of the year September 21st through 28th. Students and families may make purchases before school, during their scheduled library time, and also the night of our 3rd and 4th music program.

 On Thursday, October 4th, Cravens Parent Involvement will present Woody the dog for all Cravens families at 5:30 p.m. Come enjoy the tales and tails of Woody and his friends!

 Please pay field trip money as soon as possible. The total is cost is $6 and that covers three trips to the RiverPark Center. The faster you turn in the money the better seats we will have.

 Please send in any wrapped candy that you might have. We use the candy for rewards for class work and the STAR chart.

 Please make sure to sign your child’s agenda every night.

Math: We will continue the process of adding and subtracting two to four digit numbers this week. We are working on new ways to add and subtract numbers instead of the traditional ways.

Reading: Your child will work on different strategies from their CAFÉ menu this week. Mrs. Harrison will finish up testing and placing your child in best fit books for them.

MIND Time: We will continue a unit on electricity. Some of the terms we will use are conductors, insulators and circuits.

Ask your child about the experiments he or she will do this week.

The only homework we are requiring is that your child read something for at least 15 minutes a night. If your child does not have books at home they may read their library book or check out a book from our classroom libraries. Please make sure they bring our classroom library books back to school each day.

Your child can also access Dreambox from the blog. Also on the blog make sure to check out some of the pictures we took of your child doing static electricity experiments. and

Thank you,

Mr. Williams

Mrs. Harrison

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who Knew Static Electricity Could Be So FUN!

Your child participated in several activities involving static electricity. They used their hair and wool to charge up the electrons to get things moving.

The Olympic Countries

We had a blast learning about the different countries that were involved in the Olympics. Your child learned facts such as what type of money is used, leaders and languages to name just a few.

The blog is updated

Sorry it has taken so long to update the blog, but it has been pretty hectic around here. The blog will be used as a way for you to get a peek into what is going on in third grade at Cravens Elementary. Please check back often to see what amazing things are going on here!