Sunday, February 3, 2013

Math Challenge 5

You guys are working for the Williams Construction Company. You are going to have to know how to use a ruler and how to figure out the area of a rectangle. I cannot afford to have any mistakes or I will lose business. Do a good job and I will promote you to a general contractor. Make a mistake and I will have to let you go.

1 inch = 1 foot. I need for you to sketch the following dimensions for the rooms we will need to floor. A square foot of floor costs $5.

1. Get your ruler out and sketch the area of this floor plan and then figure out what it will cost the homeowners. The length of the floor is 7 feet and the width is 8 feet. Remember that you will have to use inches to sketch the floor plan.

2. Okay now that you know what you are doing I will be giving fewer directions. Sketch the area of the dining room. The dimensions are 8 feet in length and 9 feet in width. What is the area and cost of the room?

3. Sketch the area of the entry way of the house. The length is 4 feet and the width is 6 feet. What is the area and cost of the room?

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