Monday, February 18, 2013

Challenge #7

1. Lisa is two times the age of Rick. Rick is three times the age of Dan? Dan is two years younger than Ann. Ann is 4 years old. What are the ages of Lisa and Rick?

2. My dad is 3 times the age of my brother. I am half the age of my mom. By brother is four years younger than me. My mom is 38 years old. How old am I? What about the ages of my brother and Dad?

3. I need to know how much money is in my bank account. I have half the money my Dad has in his account. My dad has three times the amount that my sister has. My sister has a fourth of the amount of my Mom. My mom has $20. How much money do I have in my account? What about my Dad and my sister? How much do we all have combined?

4. Mrs. Flagg and Mr. Lyddane need to know how much money to spend on the rewards party. The rewards party costs 3 times the amount of a classroom pizza party. The pizza party is half the amount of a magic show. The magic show is a fourth the cost of the bounce house. The bounce house costs $200 to rent. How much will each of the following cost: magic show, pizza party and the rewards party? How much would  it cost to have all of the parties? Mrs. Flagg and Mr. Lyddane decide to split the bill. How much would each have to pay?

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