Sunday, March 17, 2013

Math Challenge for March

1. Jeremy and Pete have a total of $10 to spend on lunch. They both only want to eat hamburgers for lunch. A hamburger costs $1.33. How many hamburgers can they buy without going over their $10? Will they have to share and if so explain?

2. A whole pizza costs $16. The pizza is cut into eight slices. Four friends are trying to decide if they want to share a whole pizza or just buy the pizza by the slice. One slice of pizza costs $4. If they buy the whole pizza how many slices will each friend get? Is it smarter for them to buy the whole pizza and share or just buy an individual slice of pizza?

3. It is that time again to start thinking about feeding the cows. A hay bell costs $2.50. A cow can eat two hay bells a day. Mr. Lyddance has 4 cows on his farm in France. What is he going to have to pay per week to to feed all four of his cows? After a month how much has Mr. Lyddance spent on hay bells?

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