Monday, March 1, 2010


First Grade News
For the week of March 1, 2010
Important Information and Dates:

• Report Cards will go home the 19th of this month. There are a few parents who have still not contacted us about making up conferences. If you requested a phone conference we will get to you soon.

• Big congratulations to James Calhoun, Mercedes Basham, Derion McFarland, Zachery Thompson and Chyanne Brown for completing their entire word list. These students were the last students who qualified for the Limo ride to McDonald’s. The date has not been set for our limo ride.

• These students were the top AR readers last week: Trey Hinton (6.5), Cheyenne Fox (5.9) and Mercedes Basham (5.4). Totals for the week: Williams-39.8, Massey-19.2, and Travis -8.5.

• Most of the children are not taking advantage of Tuesday and Thursday Early Bird AR testing. If you read with your child on Monday and Wednesday nights your child should come in and take an AR test. Also, you can come in every Wednesday afterschool and help your child take AR tests in the library.

• This is the last month for the Book It program. We hope everyone has enjoyed the free pizzas.

• We will review these 5 words this week: do, here, best, pretty and give.

Homework this week:

Blue group - BIG Book- Monday- Matthew and Tilly Tuesday-Review Matthew and Tilly Wednesday-The Chase, Thursday-Review The Chase
Yellow Group- Decodable books all week
Red Group- Will read Ten Little Bunnies all week.

• Sight words every night, math sheet on Tuesday and Thursday, Blue group will complete a reading response on Wednesday this week.

Quote of the week: Do your best in all that you do.

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