Monday, January 23, 2012

News for the Week

Here is some important information you should know about:
• Book fair starts this Friday. There are going to be loads of great books to choose from. If you can spare a few dollars for your child to buy a book that would be great.
• Homework- remember the only homework we give is the 15 minutes of reading a night. Our goal is for your child to find books that interest them, so that reading because fun and not a chore. Ask your child about the book and why they chose that book to read. Try to steer your child to books that interest them.
Math: We are on week 2 of a 6 week unit on fractions. Six weeks seems like a long time to spend on fractions, but we are going to develop their depth of knowledge about fractions. Other stations will include predicting and weighing objects in grams, building pizzas with certain fractions, reviewing the four operations of math, working with Ipads and working with Dreambox.

RED Reading Group – We are continuing to read Mr. Popper’s Penguins and using CAFÉ strategies to better understand our reading. In writing, students are working on the voice component of the six traits of writing.

BLUE Reading Group - We are continuing to read Junie B. Jones and the Stinky Smelly Bus and using CAFÉ strategies to better understand our reading. Students are using Marie Carbo to increase fluency and comprehension skills.

If you have internet access your child can get on and play educational games such as compass, dreambox or mangahigh. If they play dreambox tell them no visiting the arcade until they have 10 tokens.

Thank you,
Mr. Williams
Mrs. Harrison

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