Monday, November 15, 2010

News for the Week

The 3rd Grade News Nov.15th
Important Information:
Today we had our first field trip to the RiverPark. Ask your child about the play we saw.
Thank you for your help with your child’s Veteran’s posters. They posters looked great and the Veteran’s loved them.
If your child was here in first grade then you know about Mr. Williams and his story and writing nights. Mr. Williams is bringing back “Santa’s New Sleigh” stay tuned for a date and location.
Please turn in any fundraiser money or picture money.
Please turn in any reservations for Thanksgiving lunch as soon as possible.
Math multiplication: Your child has a list stabled in their red folder. Study one row a week. Our blog has videos on multiplying by 2 and 5.
Science: Classification of mammals and insects
Social studies –Native Americans
Language Arts: Capitalization and Punctuation
Spelling test -every Friday. Play spelling games at can be found on our blog.
Vocabulary: The rap- Sticks and Stones- test on Friday
***Please make sure to sign your child’s agenda every night.
*Reading – 15 minutes a night.

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