Monday, October 18, 2010

Spelling city and tumble books

On the left side of this page you will notice educational and fun web-sites for your child. Spelling city is a web-site that will host our spelling words each week. There are many fun games to play that teach your child his or her spelling words. Click on the words spelling city and then click on the tab find a spelling list. Next, type Ryan Williams in the box that appears. My name should appear. Finally, click on lesson 9 and your child will now be able to play games with his or her spelling words for the week.

The next web-site I would like for you to visit is Tumble Books. This is truly a fantastic web-site for you to visit with your child. Click on the link and then type in cravensteacher and books for the username and password. You will notice a drop down box in the top left hand corner that you can customize to find books of your choice.

Have Fun and enjoy-and who said learning had to be boring!

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